July 27, 2015

JRC Rewiring | Stair Lighting

Stair lighting is often overlooked when designing an interior of a home. You may have feature lighting  in your hallway and ambience lighting on your landing but are you missing a trick by not focusing on the stairway itself? Stairwell lighting needs to be primarily functional but if done well can add instant impact to the core of your home.

Stair Lights

Recently JRC Electrical Rewiring have received numerous queries relating to the stair LED’s that we have been supplying and fitting in not just customers home but our own also. The fashionable, eye-catching and modern design combined with JRC’s high safety accreditation and functionality of having lighting on your stairs allows a staircase to become a feature of your home.

Lighting is key in creating an atmosphere, and creating the right atmosphere in your home is essential in creating that homely feel. The stairs of any home are often a passage way in a house and are designed to lead you to other parts of the house, though with LED lighting instead of simply leading they can now become a focal point.


If you want effective stair lighting but prefer a more subtle approach consider under tread lighting. Warm White can be installed under the stairs to provide a warm glow on each step. It can be cut to length to fit with the size and shape of your stairs. The LED strip can also be dimmed to create the perfect ambient lighting. For a splash of colour there is various colour options and also the option for Philips HUE strip lighting. If your stairway is set very slightly away from the wall, lights can also be embedded into the staircase itself to produce a glowing line along the trim of your stairs.

Stair lighting shouldn’t be a neglected area in a stylish home and JRC Electrical Rewiring hope we have given you some food for thought when putting your ideas together. Personal taste and style will play an important part in your decision making but don’t forget JRC Electrical Rewiring are available to help design, plan and implement all of your electrical home improvements. To find out more on the lighting offered by JRC Electrical Rewiring or our use of Philips Hue Lighting read our previous blog or get in touch for costs.

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