January 18, 2015

Electrical Rewiring Glasgow and Paisley

Rewiring explained.

Electrical Rewiring throughout Glasgow, Paisley, Edinburgh, Ayrshire and further a field.
You found our site, so we can assume you potentially have an interest or job inquiry related to rewiring your home. Lets try and summarise who we are, what we do and most importantly how we can help you as our potential customer.
Rewiring a property is a difficult task. Lets get that bad bit of the way first, its messy!
Your first thought might be to find an electrician to help with your domestic electrics. Thats the correct step. You will easily find a local electrician in Glasgow or Paisley, who can carry out electrical testing to determine the condition of your home electrics.
So the news is bad, the wiring is at the end of its life and you hear the dreaded words “Your house needs rewired”. Your first thoughts might be that this is a mammoth task of pure destruction and upheaval, and you would be right….unless you consider employing JRC Electrical Rewiring to help with your project.
We like to call ourselves “Electrical Rewiring Specialists”.
We are an NICEIC Approved, Electrical Contractor. Our staff are fully qualified to 17th edition IEE  Regulation and capable of carrying out any electrical work you require.
The difference is, we specifically focus on domestic rewiring. Our guys are specially trained in this field and all have extensive experience in rewiring houses.
The result is this,
By using tried and tested techniques, employing a team of men with the experience and work ethic required, and carrying specialist tools, JRC are able to rewire your home in minimal timescale, to the highest standard possible.
JRC can completely rewire a 3 bedroom semi detached property in around 12 hours. This includes all electrical work, testing and plastering and at a cost of around £2k+VAT. Our rewires generally include a new consumer unit, 3-5 double sockets per room, a light and switch per room, smoke detectors where required and all earth bonding of services.
On completion you will receive an NICEIC Certificate which guarantees your install for 6 years.
What makes us different from other electrical contractors ?
Let me give you a little background on our company founder, Jamie Currie.
Jamie started his apprenticeship at 16. After successfully completing his time he started work on a lengthy contract spanning over 10 years. During this time Jamie and a partner where required  to rewire one compete property per day, 5 days a week. There was rarely a day in which a full electrical rewire was not complete.
So my doing some simple maths, you can see the experience our founder has in this industry.
Many electricians will carry out a handful for electrical rewires in their career. JRC have the knowledge and understanding of a man who has completed a few thousand.
Our business model is simple, offer that same high paced work ethic to private clients, while maintaining a standard of work, second to none. On completion offer a stamp of approval and guarantee from the most recognised electrical body in the UK, The NICEIC.
It works.
We have hundreds if not thousands of satisfied customers who have undertaken rewiring at home, with minimal fuss.


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