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October 16, 2015

A Rewiring Project in Progress

There’s no doubt that rewiring houses is hard work. It’s dusty, messy, and tiring…and unlike some of our more ‘showy’ services, there’s not much job satisfaction. If you compare home rewiring to jobs like our garden lighting or our bathrooms, it doesn’t give as much satisfaction – but that doesn’t stop our team constantly pushing out rewire after rewire.

JRC Property Solutions’ Rewiring team consistently deliver 2 to 4 full rewires every week, working however many hours it takes. This is why JRC are Glasgow’s No.1 for private domestic rewires.

This week the team tackled a ‘monster’ property through in Stirling. It’s not the biggest we have done but definitely one of the most difficult!

I made a quick site visit for 20 mins today, and can honestly say the effort the lads have made is incredible. Our young team going straight onto another weekend rewire after that.

Well done Lads, Gary, Grant, Ryan, Lachlan, John and David.


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October 9, 2015

Remember lighting when re-doing your bathroom

Trying to get yourself up and ready in the morning is tough enough without struggling to see yourself in a bathroom mirror! So if you’re considering a new bathroom, don’t forget to consider lighting. Here are a few examples of clever lighting solutions by JRC Rewiring that we’ve installed in the last few weeks:


Make the most of a recess with a spotlight.


Or some clever strip lighting.


Calm lighting around the shower and bath can help you relax.


Make the morning a little easier with a well-lit mirror.


Or how about some clever under sink lighting for that ‘wow’ effect?

September 21, 2015

JRC Rewiring is now Constructionline Accredited

JRC Rewiring is pleased to announce that we are now accredited with Constructionline.
Constructionline is the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management service that collects, assesses and monitors standard company information through a question set that is aligned to PAS 91, the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire developed by BSI to reduce duplication within the construction industry.

Their aim is to provide efficiency savings to public and private sector buyers and the construction industry as a whole by streamlining procurement procedures and improving the supply chain management processes by reducing risk, creating cost efficiencies and helping buyers engage with new suppliers, including SMEs and local companies.

It’s another badge to add to our ever growing list of accreditations, demonstrating again our commitment to quality and accountability.

September 8, 2015

What is BS7671?

We prioritise trust and guarantee for our customers – we know it can be difficult for homeowners to spot poor workmanship as most electrical work is hidden within the structure of your property.

That’s why we have worked hard to gain various accreditations and always complete work to the BS7671 in order to separate ourselves from the cowboys of the industry.

However what exactly is BS7671?

British Standard BS 7671 “Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulations.” Also known informally as The “Regs”, is the national standard in the UK for electrical installation and the safety of electrical wiring in domestic, commercial, industrial and other buildings.

The standard is maintained by the joint IET/BSI Technical Committee JPEL/64, the UK National Committee for Wiring Regulations and published by the IET.

The IET and BSI are non-government organisations and the wiring regulations are non-statutory, however have legal force as the appropriate method of electric wiring.

JRC Accreditation

In addition to this, we are NICEIC approved contractors, providing our customers with complete peace of mind. We are also members of TrustMark, an organisation licensed by the government and supported by consumer protection groups.

Our quality of work has continued on with the business. We now specialise in rewiring private properties all over Scotland. We have a strong team of men, all experienced in this field and all dedicated to providing a unique service that is unrivalled, find out more.


July 27, 2015

JRC Rewiring | Stair Lighting

Stair lighting is often overlooked when designing an interior of a home. You may have feature lighting  in your hallway and ambience lighting on your landing but are you missing a trick by not focusing on the stairway itself? Stairwell lighting needs to be primarily functional but if done well can add instant impact to the core of your home.

Stair Lights

Recently JRC Electrical Rewiring have received numerous queries relating to the stair LED’s that we have been supplying and fitting in not just customers home but our own also. The fashionable, eye-catching and modern design combined with JRC’s high safety accreditation and functionality of having lighting on your stairs allows a staircase to become a feature of your home.

Lighting is key in creating an atmosphere, and creating the right atmosphere in your home is essential in creating that homely feel. The stairs of any home are often a passage way in a house and are designed to lead you to other parts of the house, though with LED lighting instead of simply leading they can now become a focal point.


If you want effective stair lighting but prefer a more subtle approach consider under tread lighting. Warm White can be installed under the stairs to provide a warm glow on each step. It can be cut to length to fit with the size and shape of your stairs. The LED strip can also be dimmed to create the perfect ambient lighting. For a splash of colour there is various colour options and also the option for Philips HUE strip lighting. If your stairway is set very slightly away from the wall, lights can also be embedded into the staircase itself to produce a glowing line along the trim of your stairs.

Stair lighting shouldn’t be a neglected area in a stylish home and JRC Electrical Rewiring hope we have given you some food for thought when putting your ideas together. Personal taste and style will play an important part in your decision making but don’t forget JRC Electrical Rewiring are available to help design, plan and implement all of your electrical home improvements. To find out more on the lighting offered by JRC Electrical Rewiring or our use of Philips Hue Lighting read our previous blog or get in touch for costs.

July 8, 2015

JRC Rewiring Glasgow & Renfrewshire | Customer Satisfaction

JRC Rewiring have a strong reputation and have been rewiring in the GlasgowRenfrewshire and central belt of Scotland for many years now.  With years of experience as well as the JRC Rewiring team’s know-how and experience, we can come to your property and complete a full rewire and renovation without using additional tradesman. This allows our customers to build a strong rapport with the team in their property and we are proud to say our customers are happy to recommend us.

Rererere rewire

Rewiring a home can be disruptive to the fabric and decor of your home but the JRC Rewiring team’s vast experience in providing customers with an installation that’s tailor made to suit their needs, minimising disruption, worry and for a very competitive price.
JRC Rewiring are certified by a NICEIC Domestic Installer and all rewires will conform to part P: Electrical Safety so you can be sure the work carried out to your property is to the highest of standards and practices, always.



To make the rewiring of your house as worry free and easy as possible JRC Rewiring offer a patch plastering service. After your home is rewired you can get on with the decorating without having to find a plasterer. This patch plastering service can be included as an optional extra.

Christine Gill and family, from the Paisley area had this to say about JRC Rewiring and the team:

“I am another one of Jamie’s happy customers. Jamie is a grafter! and very professional. Jamie is very meticulous about his work making sure you are kept up to date throughout his progress. He takes great care and pride in the look of his work, hiding cables wherever possible and is more than happy to do extra work to please you as a customer. Jamie arrived at 8am as promised and the next day he texted asking if I was satisfied with his work. I can say I was more than satisfied with his work and pricing. I would highly recommend this company to my family and friends. I will definitely be calling Jamie again if I need anymore work done in the future. Thanks again Jamie.”

Why not have a read at what some of customers have to say on our website or alternatively, to simply talk about rewiring your property or to get a detailed quote we are here to help, call us today or drop an email here.

June 15, 2015

Mar Hall Garden Lighting….

Marr Hall Garden Lighting

This client requested we light up the magnificent trees around the property using led garden lighting.

We used 50w LED floods, highlighting 3 trees at the front and one at the rear.

The digging begins !

Garden Lighting Pictures
garden lighting
garden lighting
garden lighting
If you would are interested in garden lighting from JRC please drop and email to or call us on 0141 892 2766.
May 21, 2015

Electronic Security Systems | JRC Property

In today’s world, the responsibility for life safety and property protection face a wide array of threats, dangers and emergencies – from fire and intrusions to violence and natural disasters. In these highly challenging environments, both business and commercial properties must be well prepared and equipped with appropriate fire and life-safety systems, and capable of communicating quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.

By bringing the management of multiple systems together to a single point of control, you can strengthen the ability to identify problems, respond appropriately, manage the situation, and return to normal operations. We came up with 5 advantages of electronic security and safety systems over traditional security measures.

1) Electronic Security Keys are Difficult to Duplicate.

While physical keys can be copied very easily, duplicating electronic security keys requires a much higher degree of sophistication. This makes your access system much more secure than it could ever be with physical keys.

2) You NEVER Have to change the locks.

An electronic user database or electronic keys means that you never have to change locks at your sites. If a key card or fob is ever lost, it can be removed from the database and a new one can be issued. If an employee leaves your company, his or her access rights can be deleted within seconds. This greatly lowers your overall exposure to risk.

electronic security

3) Capture images of unauthorised access.

Having CCTV or security cameras allows you piece of mind knowing that if anyone does enter your premises you’ve got evidence of it. With modern security cameras allowing viewing through an app, the property owner can monitor their property anytime and anywhere. They do say a picture speaks a thousand words.

4) Visually confirm who is at a door before giving them access to your property.

A Video and audio door entry system allows you to speak to the caller before either letting them in or releasing the door remotely via an electronic release mechanism. A video entry system operates in the same way but has the added security of allowing you to see an image of the caller.

electronic security

5)Keep an eye on your property anywhere in the world.

Some benefits of electronic security systems is they can incorporate your current technology such as IPads, phones and watches and can be integrated to be controlled and monitored by you, on the condition that there is an internet connection.

electronic security

April 27, 2015

Benefits of LED lighting

At JRC, we fit LED lighting in the home, office and outdoors. LED just stands for Light Emitting Diode and although many refer to them as LED bulbs – in fact they are not. LED’s are tiny semiconductors encapsulated in plastic, which protect their components and help focus the light.

We believe that LED lights are the future. One day we might even look back and be shocked we ever used other methods to light our homes.

LED lights have been widely used for some time now in industrial and commercial situations, but have recently become suitable in domestic premises. JRC are experts at LED lighting installations in Glasgow and we thought we’d share with you why we think they are so good, so here’s the top benefits of LED Lighting.

Benefits of LED lighting
  • Long lasting
    LEDs are rated by manufacturers to operate under normal conditions for approximately 50,000 hours, remarkable compared to a 1000 hour lifespan with incandescent bulbs. This means LED lights last about 10 years and therefore reduce your maintenance costs!
  • Suitable for all environments
    LEDs are geared up for harsh environments. Did you know they function from -40F to 180F with no delay or required warm up time for them to function?
  • Extremely efficient
    With standard light bulbs, around 80% of energy is wasted heat as only around 20% of the electric current is used to produce light. On the other hand, LED lights are able to utilise between 80%-90% of the energy provided in the generation of light.
  • Environmental benefits
    In addition to saving on your electricity bills, you are also reducing energy usage and in turn your carbon footprint.
  • Variety of colours LED lighting comes in a range of colours, you can use them for functional purposes or for decoration.

Just look at these videos, this is a WIFI smart phone controlled LED lighting system. It’s pretty smart as it can have the lights at home come on as GPS picks you up nearing the house! Available for indoors and outdoors.

April 10, 2015

JRC Platinum Promise Guarantee

NICEIC Approved Contactor

JRC is an NICEIC approved contractor – a move to eliminate any uncertainty and gain trust with both existing and potential clients. We recently covered what NICEIC is but did you know that as members of NICEIC there is a Platinum Promise Guarantee and Complaints Procedure as we believe that as a consumer you should have complete peace of mind.

The platinum promise applies up to SIX years from the completion of work by us.

The platinum promise commits to making sure that installation work is safe and meets the required regulations. Of course, if you have any problems with any of the work we completed – do not hesitate to get in touch with us. However, you can have peace of mind that NICEIC protect you and as part of the Platinum Promise, will support you through the resolution process and help make sure the installation work is right.

In the event that we are no longer able to rectify work, the NICEIC will commission remedial work using an alternative contractor.

“It offers trust and confidence to each of our clients” – Jamie Currie, JRC

None of our customers ever have or should be in a position where this NICEIC procedure has had to be used in order to protect them. However, we understand that employing a tradesman can be a daunting task and as NICEIC approved contractors we guarantee high standards and peace of mind.

Find out more about why you should choose JRC or what our clients have got to say!