October 16, 2015

A Rewiring Project in Progress

There’s no doubt that rewiring houses is hard work. It’s dusty, messy, and tiring…and unlike some of our more ‘showy’ services, there’s not much job satisfaction. If you compare home rewiring to jobs like our garden lighting or our bathrooms, it doesn’t give as much satisfaction – but that doesn’t stop our team constantly pushing out rewire after rewire.

JRC Property Solutions’ Rewiring team consistently deliver 2 to 4 full rewires every week, working however many hours it takes. This is why JRC are Glasgow’s No.1 for private domestic rewires.

This week the team tackled a ‘monster’ property through in Stirling. It’s not the biggest we have done but definitely one of the most difficult!

I made a quick site visit for 20 mins today, and can honestly say the effort the lads have made is incredible. Our young team going straight onto another weekend rewire after that.

Well done Lads, Gary, Grant, Ryan, Lachlan, John and David.


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