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March 27, 2015

Why Use a Professional Electrician?

Professional Electrician

We’ve all been there – an electrical fault occurs when it’s least expected and something needs fixed – fast! Your DIY skills can only go so far and safety must come first. Here’s a list of scenarios in which you should really contact your professional electrician.

Faulty plug sockets
It’s all well and good changing a fault fuse, but never interfere with an actual plug socket – this is where serious accidents can happen. Instead, if your plug sockets have some form of damage – seek a professional electrician for guidance. Phone us for some advice and we can even give you a free quote over the phone.

Power cut
Sometimes when you experience a power cut, we can come and find out whether or not it is just your house and consequently whether it is a problem with your electrics or the neighbourhood. Obviously, first thing to do is check if your neighbour’s power is out – however in more remote locations this may not be an option! Make sure you are prepared for a power cut with our 5 handy tips.

Rewiring the house
Find out first if your electrics are safe. JRC can massively reduce the upheaval and hassle involved in rewiring your property. Our elite team of electricians, and associated trades, all boast years of experience.

The main reason for hiring an electrician has got to be safety. Electricity is vital to our everyday life but it can take it away just as easily – it really isn’t worth the risk. An everyday electrician’s job can be that little thing that manages to seriously injure a DIY amateur, contact a professional electrician.

We can complete the job quickly and properly – we boast a range of online reviews that illustrate our efficiency. We also have the backing of Trust Mark and NICEIC to offer you extra protection and guaranteed reliability with our services.

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